How Will You Respond to the Call to Serve?

Fight for the heroes who fight for our freedom

Our nation's peace and security rides on the backs of brave men and women in uniform. Military serviceman, police officers, firefighters and other civil servants risk their safety and forfeit their comfort for the ones they serve, yet the ones they serve forget their sacrifices all too easily. The members of THE PEOPLE'S PATRIOT PROJECT ask those who support our dedicated patriots to answer the call of service and help us fulfill our duty to our nation's heroes.

Let our protectors know WE haven't forgotten them.

What WE believe

THE PEOPLE'S PATRIOT PROJECT stands for those who stood up for our country. Our vision and purpose is clearv- WE believe in

  • Aiding those who sacrificed for us
  • Supporting the families of civil servants
  • Healing the traumas of service
  • Sharing the burdens of our community
  • Creating opportunities for patriots

Remembering is not enough-our heroes deserve support through action. Join our cause today to help fulfill our purpose.